A Birthday Poem

Dear Annie,
You are eight today, so eight years ago
I held you tight and watched you grow,
I bathed you, I dried you and made you clean,
I tucked you down and watched you dream.
I dressed you, I fed you, I helped you stand,
I read you books, I held your hand.
I made you laugh, I wiped your tears,
I helped you be brave and conquer your fears.
I walked you to shops, to your friends, to school,
I taught you to swim and jump in the pool.
I have pedalled, I have skipped, I have run around,
I have toyed, I have played, I have hidden, I have found.
I have lost many times and watched you win,
I have sketched, I have drawn, painted and coloured in.
I have cut out shapes, I have stitched and glued,
I have bought and baked and boiled your food.
I have given you gifts that have given you pleasure,
I have shown you things that I hope you will treasure.

All this, I have done because I love you and care
And even though I am not always there,
I wait for you to be here………..and then
We do those things all over again.

Happy 8th Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Annie.

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