Diamond Jubilee

Dear Queen, I don’t mean to be mean, but I don’t much care for the royalty scene. You live in a palace and express your success, you dress in excess just to impress, you meet and greet and do as you please, while people starve and suffer disease. Imagine those children all on their own, with nothing but canvas to call their home, wrapped in ripped and oversized clothes, faces disclose echoes of woes, their parents died in a terrible drought, while we eat and drink, they go without, their tears, for years fall on deaf ears, they yearn for a hug to allay their fears, they hope for love and love to hope, they learn to live and live to cope, with loss and sadness and chaos and madness, void of goodness, too much badness. A life of death seems unfair to me, the World can inflict such cruelty, so congratulations on the Jubilee, I hereby enclose my R.S.V.P, I shall not be coming to your party.

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