Facebook Stalker

We are friends, at last, hooray! and you have clicked ‘accept’,
I can see what you have done today! Even though we’ve never met.
I’ve seen your photos, they are very cool and your profile pic is hot xx
Did you see the message I wrote on your wall? I thought you’d laugh a lot.
So today you shared a quote, I’m sure it was meant for me,
You must have got my note, but you don’t appear to be free.
Maybe you’ve popped out for a bit, your green light has gone away
I was hoping, I must admit, that we could meet up today??
I’ve checked my inbox, there’s nothing there, I thought you would reply,
I see you’ve signed out, so you take care, catch up tomorrow…goodbye.
Did you like my pic I sent you? I hope it wasn’t too rude 😉
I set it so only you can view, did you know that I was tattooed?
Oh, I saw that event you are going to, I think I might tag along,
I happen to be passing close by, it wouldn’t take me that long.
You’ve just checked-into a pub, If you like I could be there in five?
We could go onto a club, get some food then maybe go for a drive?
Your Birthday is close to mine! We should do something at my place!
I’ll get some wine, then we could dine but bring your toothbrush in case 😉
I see you’re not feeling great, is something bothering you?
I’ll send you love, a virtual hug and you’ll feel good as new!
I just noticed your friend count accrued, who is that bloke in your pic?
Forgive me, I don’t mean to be rude but I think he looks like a dick.
Hey! Why have you never replied, this is starting to make me irate!
Are you taking me for a fucking ride? I message then wait and wait!
I know where you work, you cow, it tells me on your screen!
I’ll come round right now, we can sort it out, do you want me to make a scene?
Why have you unfriended me! I am shocked, what’s that for?!
Hey, this is odd, I appear to be blocked…was that a knock at my door….

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