Happy New Year

Dear Jan, we did good, our medieval party was a smash!
Dear Feb, remember Freddy, and his fun, family bash?
Dear March, goodbye Spice, you crazy little mouse.
Dear April, Annie’s eight and I have the moon inside my house!
Dear May, a break in Suffolk and the Lakes in the van.
Dear June, to Harry Potter World for an excited little fan.
Dear July, you took my job but you gave me some romance.
Dear August, you were hot, in the Lakes and down in France.
Dear Sep, lots of prep for our cycle ride and stroll.
Dear Oct, 500 people came, then you got me off the dole!
Dear Nov, now to knuckle down and earn myself some dough.
Dear December, where’s my money and where the hell did you go?
Dear 2014, we haven’t met yet, but we will at midnight
And If you bring me the memories, I’m sure we’ll be alright.

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