Her New Man

When she speaks your name, I feel pain
You took my wife, my life, like a game
You stepped into my shoes and cast me aside
You don’t know what anger I now have inside
I want to hurt you, to cut you down
And now I fear to walk my own town
For when I see you, there is so much hate
Your selfish actions have left me in a state
Sometimes I cry to release my emotion
Sometimes I drink, like a magical potion
Hoping the pain you have caused will release
And once again my World can be at peace

Sometimes my heart feels like a sieve
and as my strength drains I cannot forgive
Then the anger comes back and I want to kill
Dark emotions I never knew I could feel
So I write these words to console my soul
For I now have nothing but a large black hole
And though I know you can’t take her away
I have less time to play on my single day
And when I am on my own, all my time goes
On meaningless words and irrelevant prose
I hope that one day I can be happy again
But for now, I can only wish to see my daughter again.

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