I am unique

I am a colour that you’ve never seen
I am a place that you’ve never been
I am a word that has not yet been said
I am a book that nobody has read
I am a taste that is new to you
I am a window with a wonderful view
I can love you like no one you’ve met
I am a feeling that you cannot forget
I can express through words who I am
A creative, romantic and affable man
I am available, I am always here
I will listen, I will consider, any day of the year
I know how you are by the curve of your lips
Your mood becomes mine, from your hand as it grips
I am a father, a friend, a listener and a guide
When you are with me, you have nothing to hide
I am not someone who you’ve met before
I have broken the mould and you can have more
I am not a sheep who follows the flocks
You cannot pigeon hole, or put me in a box
I am different, some people call me a freak
But you are welcome to call me unique.

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