In conclusion to my week….

While those numbers cumbers your mind
And while your form has been declined
While your money makes you blind
And your temper renders you behind.

While you watch your time tick tock
And as your software slows and blocks
Your keyboard locks and as you rock
Your clock speeds up and starts to mock

While each error on your screen
Frustrates you, deflates you, makes you mean
Forsakes you, awakes in you a scream
And takes away your self-esteem.

While you take to heart your situation
And rip apart your occupation
While you dance around in agitation,
frustration, desperation, irritation.

While you refuse to persevere
Through arrogance, anger, pride and fear
While you depart and leave me here
You won’t restart, so you disappear

While your car can’t get you home
The signal gone on your mobile phone
The Internet down, reason unknown
And while you complain and moan and groan.

While your demons feed your insanity
Paranoia seeding your vanity
Stealing away your humanity
Filling your mouth with filth and profanity

While your head is red and about to explode
And your patience is now on overload
Your body cracking, about to implode
And while you watch your life erode

While you head back in my direction
Expecting perfection and my affection
And while you continue disrespecting
Expressing objection electing defection

While you bring me your devastation
And while you stoke this conflagration
With aggravation and instigation
And accusation and connotation
And confrontation and altercation
Looking for salvation and compensation

While your misery enters my room
And you presume I want your gloom
As you vent and steam and fume
And turn my day into your doom.

If you expect me to care
While you shout and rant and spit and swear
While you spout and pant and pull out your hair
While you jump about and despair and flare.
If you want to talk to me
To nod, to smile and calmly agree
To help, assist and remedy
To listen, to absorb sympathetically.

Then stop being such a C**T!!

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