Look of Love

If I could pull myself out of your eyes, I wonder what I would see,
Perhaps a feather upon your brow to tickle the smile in me.
If I did gaze upon your cheeks, what delights might be found?
To trace those circles for days or weeks around and around and around.
And if I pondered upon those lips would I be impelled to kiss?
To touch such delights and sights, is that what I would miss?
If I hung my thoughts over your hair that frames this portrait so fine,
Black as raven, a heavenly haven, like olives upon a vine.
Would I win to see your chin and draw me to your jaw?
Having traveled South towards your mouth, would I yearn for more?
Should I browse those ears that balance this alluring and inspiring face –
that hear my words and flood those eyes and take me back to that place?
Now I swim in your tears as I have done for years, as your lashes bat emotions away,
I will console in those pupils of coal and comfort my soul today.

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