My Beautiful Friend: a love poem

Hello, my beautiful friend.
So, here we are, in that dream we penned.
Wrapped, we lie in our can of blue,
Watched by the moon, me and you.
Two little stars we made above,
And with our lips, we fall in love.

Then we close our eyes and see…
…how we came to be.

Magical music mapping our minds,
Busy heads bustling with bacon rinds,
Salty sand swallowing tenderized toes,
Tongue tied texting and reflecting prose,
Packages passionately packed with a prize,
Cries of joy and tearful eyes,
Holding tight with our thoughts at one,
Thinking of the things that we have done,
Kissing in doorways with long goodbyes,
Drawn back together by emotional ties,
Grasping for words to comfort a feeling,
Talking it out for emotional healing,
Crossing lines to see if its right,
Transporting our bodies that burst with delight.

And now we look forward with fingers entwined,
Not quite knowing what we will find,
Reassuring each other with a look and a smile,
That we will be friends for a very long while,
And as long as we dream of a life of fun,
Then I’ll glow like the moon –
Whilst you shine like the sun.

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