My Birthday Wish

Dear those who have asked me so far and those who have yet to enquire
I have browsed the shops and wracked my brains for a gift that I desire
I have read all my books, watched all my films and my toes pop out my socks
I have played my games and broken my tools and drunk my Whiskey stocks
My mountain bike has a puncture and my trainers have worn right through
My stomach has no space for cake and my glass no care for brew
I have gadgets galore in my bottom drawer and tricks I cannot remember
I have a voucher for Marks and Spencer but it ran out last September
My mobile phone is ancient and the buttons are too small
I have no credit, the battery is dead and I cannot make a call
The ink in my pen is all dried up and I am writing this on my hand
My laptop is in the bin because of a virus I don’t understand
My watch is 7 days slow and my clocks are twelve hours fast
I plan too much for tomorrow and spend too much time in the past
I have a database of over 10 thousand songs but none arouse my soul
I procrastinate and cogitate and fear I’ll lose control
As I write, my tears are flowing through a hole in my handkerchief
And it seems, that your generous offers will not abate my grief
For my Birthday I ask for two things to bring happiness in my life
The first, my beautiful daughter
The second, my loving wife.

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