My Favourite Road

You can drive fast along my favourite road,
But I take my time with my heavy load.
Five routes precede this tremendous track,
I drive down each one, turn around and drive back.
Up and down, I drag my wheels,
Working my way towards the hills.
Around the curves, I gyrate my freight,
And ‘calve’ a line towards the straight.
The surface is warm from my hot tyres,
The sound of friction inspires my desires.
The signs tempt me forward, so I set my sights,
Towards dizzying heights and further delights.
I reach a peak and pause for pleasure,
The view from here is something to treasure.
Onward I venture, I am halfway there,
Pushing my pedal as much as I dare.
This next length, paved with golden tiles,
Seems to stretch for miles and miles,
So I sit back, relax and enjoy the ride,
Changing lanes, outside to inside.
It soon gets darker and I know I am near,
I check the rear and change down gear.
I see the tunnel and I choose my lane,
The bushes grow thicker as it starts to rain,
And while inside, I turn on my full beam
To the sound of joy and a satisfied scream.
I stop for a break, fill my tank, and then…
Drive along my favourite road again.

There is another route you can take which avoids the tunnel, I’ll describe it another day.

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