My mind has been sucked from my head

My mind has been sucked from my head.
May as well be dead.
People stare, where I tread.
I’m scared of the things I read.
The things I did, the things I said.

How do I be ‘me’ once more, the ‘me’ people liked, the ‘me’ they saw.
I have tried so hard to fit and comply, but find my life is passing me by.
I try and I try but keep asking why, why can’t I be a more popular guy?

I climb the trees and I have seen the top, but the branches just snap and down I drop.
And as I fall down, with each twig in my back, the light disappears and my life turns black.

But as I lay, at the bottom of that tree, I see a bright light, an epiphany.
I see new lovers and discover new friends and I see what happens and how my life mends.
I see how to fit in and how to be free and I find out what people like about me.

My mind is back and I feel more alive, I am no longer scared and I know how to survive.
I have moved on from the things I did, read and said and learned not to look backwards, but forwards instead.

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