Pixie in a bottle

I have a Pixie in a bottle
I want to take her out to see
All the things that I have seen
how wonderful life can be.

I want to watch her eyes
I want to hear her fun
I want to feel her skin
Warm beneath the sun.

I want to take her out for hours
To watch the leaves upon the trees
To show her how the flowers
And bees float on the breeze.

I want to take her out for days
To dance upon the sand
To jump and splash among the waves
To forever hold her hand.

I want to hear her sing
To listen to her rhymes
To watch her write with such delight
with disregard for times.

And to create until quite late
A picture of a place
Where, together we will always see
A smile upon her face.

And as the moon intrigues her
It opens up her mind
She marvels me with questions
And answers I must find.

Have I taught you everything?
There is nothing left to show
My Pixie in a bottle
It is time to let you go.

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