Some Quotes on Creativity


The depressed writer, or actor, or painter asks, “Without the highs of mania or the lows of depression, would I still live a life of creative intensity?” The question also might be “Without the distraction of mania, would I be free to make the most of my gifts? Without the shackles of depression, would my work soar?”

Writing, painting, acting, singing may help you feel a little better, for a little while, by siphoning off some of the painfully urgent emotions of mania and depression. If the internal pressure can be channeled artistically, at the very least, those around you may be spared some of the emotional fallout from your anger or your pain. The result doesn’t have to be “good” by any objective criteria; all it needs to be is a release. If it is also well wrought, ask yourself, “Is that because of or in spite of my illness?” and remember that it is the artist who created the work, not the depression. – Kathy Cronkite, On the Edge of Darkness

I think wanting to write is a fundamental sign of disease and discomfort. I don’t think people who are comfortable want to write. – Kay Redfield Jamison

Some of the very greatest gifts bring an inevitable downside which you cannot “cure” without curing the gift at the same time. – Stephanie Tolan

Among artists, writers were found to have the highest lifetime rates of mental disorders. And among writers, poets exhibit the highest rates of mental disorders. – Silja J.A. Talvi, “Study Links Angst to Creativity”

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