The Land of Ten

Welcome young traveler to the Land of Ten!
Say farewell to Nine, we shall not meet again.
Put away your crayon and get out your pen,
For here is now and not yet then.
The Land of Ten is a land I knew,
As it was for me and now you too
A place to see an inspiring view
Of self discovery and of feeling new.
The Land of Ten will reveal delights,
Days to inspire you and later nights,
Music to listen to and stunning sights,
Standing up for yourself, exercising your rights.
For here you don’t have to agree,
So long as we are all happy,
Knowing who you want to be,
Feeling fresh and being free.
You can bring your friends to this wonderful land
And I’ll be there to hold your hand.
There’ll be many things you will have planned
That’ll blow away like grains of sand
And give way to things you don’t yet know
For this land is fertile ground to sew
All your dreams, so let them flow
And together we will watch them grow.
And as this sapling’s buds appear
We can nurture spirit and cradle fear,
We can feed your strengths and hold them near
And make the Land of Ten your bestest year!
Happy Birthday, my beautiful Annie.

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