Burrow into my heart those arrows of reality,
Pull me from my world, my poetic fantasy,
Take away my hope and take away my friend,
Then put me in a tunnel and barricade the end.
Take me from the sky and remove me from my star,
Tell me not to wish and remind me where we are,
Wake me from my dream and tell me not to look,
Into your mind and so decline to read you like a book.
But if you ask this of me, I ask something in return,
If you blow away my flames and you ask me not to burn,
Then cup my trembling fingers, invigorate their woe,
Kiss my silent lips and ask them not to go,
Give me that shape you make, that melts away my pain,
Warm the place this puts me, shed light upon the rain,
Wash my doubting thoughts and share with me your paths,
Take me on your journeys and I’ll provide the laughs.
Open up your petals and let me breathe your scent
Entice me down the mountain and assist with my descent,
Stare into my spirit and gently sooth my soul,
Fill me with your passion, for your love
will make
me whole.

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