A vulnerable man

A poem, my last resort to rid me of these darkened thoughts.
When I saw you last, it didn’t end well, leaving me with much to dwell.
I’ve tried so hard to rise above, and remind me of our fragile love.
To smile at a bright memory of you,
to laugh at a joke that both of us knew.
But alas, it just isn’t enough,
I’m burdened by this horrible stuff.
Tuesdays were always our special night,
Cuddles on your sofa were my highlight.
But your response seems so far away,
I really needed to see you today.
Yet I feel that I cannot ask,
I have to wear this brave mask.
Because if I tell you how I feel,
I’ll lose my warmth and my appeal,
and that sometimes seems all I am,
Your rock and not a vulnerable man.

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